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Complete food guide list. Eat your way to health, people.

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Tonights Glute/Hamstring workout…

1) Warm up - stiff-leg deadlifts 3 x 20

2) Stiff-leg deadlifts - 3 x 8-12

3) Wide stance smith squats - 4 x 8-12 (tip: butt back, feet out infront)

4) Hamstring curls - 3 x 8-12 & drop set to failure


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Amanda Russell’s One Minute Cardio Workout

The Workout:

High Knees

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups


Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Frog Jumps

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Single Leg Hops (left)

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Single Leg Hops (right)

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Jumping Jacks

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Turkish Get-Ups

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Speeding Skaters

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Jumping Rope

Active Recovery-Plie-Ups

Barrier Jumps

Enjoy! Don’t forget to cool down and stretch. Watch the video (which includes more detail) HERE.

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Anonymous said: sir whats your workout routine? daily/weekly?


I usually do pecs and deltoids on mondays and thursdays, tuesdays are usually traps and back, wednesdays are biceps triceps, Fridays are deltoids and traps. saturday and sunday I rest, or run.

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Anonymous said: Hey! Do you have any zumba video link? The only ones I've found are too short, and I'd love to do a full zumba session. Thanks :)


Yes! Check out here :)

Anonymous said: Hey I'm starting my new diet to lose weight so I have been eating protein and running a treadmill do you know any good meals and workouts to help ? Thank you


annnnnd full workouts here, individual exercises here; more under the tab “Working Out” on my blog-

Don’t forget to eat 25-40g of protein WITHIN 30 MINUTES after your workout’s end to build muscle (and increase metabolism)!

>30 mins running, 5 mins walking
>60x MTS back @ 10lbs
>40reps lat pulldown @ 20
>40x MTS chest, 20 @ 15lbs, 20@ 10lbs
>20x bench press @ 15lbs

I’m gonna try to start logging what I exercise when I hit the gym!

>20mins running/10 mins walking
>90 squats on machine (30 on 40lbs, 60 on 30lbs)
>bench press machine @ 20 at 15 lbcs, 15 at 10 lbs